Sunday, May 01, 2005

Stop in the name of the law...And right now the name of the law is Rayneesha Wayne

Dream in which I am scuba-diving in the Antarctic, wearing a James Bond black wetsuit. Being constantly ridiculed by my friend Manda for insisting that I was swimming under glaciers. Manda says, “You moron. They are icebergs. Icebergs.”

As of late, I am working on reading the book Dawn for my science fiction class. And by reading, I mean holding it in myhand at the plasma center while I watch The Price is Right.

In Dawn, the main character Lilith is forced to awaken cryogenically frozen humans so they can repopulate the earth. She hates all of them. Even after 2 hundred years of isolation without seeing a single human, when she is stuck in a room with them—she loathes them.

Remind anyone of Sartre’s No Exit?

"l'enfer, c'est les autres"


amanda said...

i think you would doubt your own existence without me around to judge and insult you, darling.

so, you're welcome

seestar said...

As someone who has probably spent most of her weekends watching my Reno 911 DVD and thinking about doing homework that I haven't done during the week, I feel it is my job to let you know that it's Raineesha Williams, not's ok though, the emotion and the imagery is still there.

Ed Grow said...

Seestar- you crack me up. "Where is Lt. Dangle?" (awkward silence) "He is in the hospital ok? He can't walk."