Thursday, May 12, 2005

Today was a frickin busy day.

8:00AM: SSS4 final, Brahms’ 2nd Symphony in DM, chromatic chords, transposing instruments, sonata form.

9:25AM: Nap

10:00AM: Study like a heathen for organic chemistry 2 final

1:00PM: Organic chemistry final—carbonyl, organometallics, AA, carbohydrate chemistry

2:30PM: work

3:00PM: go to the bookstore to replace my mouse which (inopportunely) decided to kick the bucket. Am trapped in the bookstore basement by bossy fat employees, insisting that ‘tornado warnings’ should be taken seriously. I mean, WTF?

3:40PM: make a break for it after listening to 40 minutes of pseudo-professionals discuss the weather, politically-correct journalism, and grammar. Decide that I would rather be dismembered in a tornado than listen to thus said pseudo-professionals discuss their “matching ying-yang coffee tables from Ikea”

3:50PM: arrive at FAB, only to get a call from Craig, telling me he is coming to pick me up.

4:30PM: arrive at Craig’s house. Nude hilarity ensues.

6:30PM: dinner at ‘Taco Hell’

7:00PM: clean room, find calculator, tax forms (whoops?), plethora of ancient (and unparalleled) romantic notes from Rachel

8:00PM: get tired of telling Aaron that he can’t ‘play’ my bike pump as an instrument, decide to do skin-reactivity test to determine speed of histamine reactivity from peanuts

8:07PM: get tired of thus said histamine reactivity from peanuts experiment

9:00PM: go to Wal-Mart. Receive inquisitive glances from mentally-challenged-teenage-mother checker while purchasing orange juice, cranberry juice, rose grenadines, pina colada mix, coke, red bull, club soda, and a mouse.

9:45PM: return home to waste the next 2 hours cleaning, facebooking, and blogging.

I would say, all in all, a very satisfying and successful day.


Aaron said...

dude, don't even act like you didn't enjoy the sweet music i made with your bike pump (which has become my new best friend/girl friend). Some day i'm gonna play that bike pump with my own helicopter quartet (which will consist of a bicycle horn, a goose, a vacuum cleaner, and of course the bike pump). you just wait bitch!

Ed Grow said...


Haha! I am envious of you lofty ambitions. Once you told me, and I quote, "Ed, you're the closest thing I have to a girlfriend." Should I feel jealous at being so callously replaced?

Ms Bees Knees said...

"Nude hilarity ensues" ...please tell me there wasn't a burning effigy of me involved and that you both didn't dance around it while your garbage dangled to and fro.

I'm almost certain there was.

Ed Grow said...

Oh Ms. Bees!

Much "Nude hilarity" was had. And by nude hilarity, I mean hot, wet, sloppy sex. But the way I tell the story, we burned the real you...while our 'junk' bounced to and fro in gleeful joy at the inceneration of my favorite hag. Love!

-mandy- said...

updates are needed. if you won't grace me with your beautiful presence this summer, i am going to need more updates. now, bitch.