Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pierrot says goodbye to the moon

Dear gentle readers-

This post finds me deliriously happy. My first committee meeting is over, I feel refreshed and enthused for another round of science. I bought a one way ticket to MO so I can help Craig pack and move to CA in two weeks.

One nagging thought remains: I will be forced to become perpetually diurnal for the first time in two years. The nightowl routine has shielded me from the horrors of day-living: interacting with the passively vacuous, mouthbreathers of the 9-5 world. "But I like being a science vampire," the nerd says.

I used to think I was broken, no matter what I do I can't give up a knee-jerk misanthropic outlook. Recently I've realized it is not a dislike of humanity in general, I just like being left alone. Grocery shopping at 1:30AM is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. To some extent it fulfills my Mad Max-esque fetish of living in a postapocalyptic world, something about which I regularly daydream. And you a develop strange, unspoken relationship with the night Caltrain conductors, the janitors, and the checkers at Safeway. I can honestly say I've never talked to--or for that matter met--any of my neighbors in the two years I've lived in Mountain View.

Unhealthy, non?

Oh night, I will miss you.