Saturday, July 03, 2010

To the heart of youth the world is a highwayside.

We are upon the eve of Craig's move...I am flying to STL on Monday so we can pack, clean, and drive into the sunset. Zipper will sit between us in the cab, just like a homosexual modern-day Norman Rockwell painting.

Nostalgia triggered by catching up with old friends on Facebook has put the last two years of my life in perspective. The first year was marred by loneliness, doubt, and alienation. The second year was characterized by a return to normalcy, intellectual fulfillment, and happiness with new found friends as I explored the city and calmed the fuck down.

I've lived like a science-monk. The past few months have been especially heinous, but I am glad I experienced this. I'm excited to strike a more appropriate balance between work and play.

Craig and I have plans for him to get back into conducting, and for us to audition and sing in more choirs, etc. I'm thinking the San Francisco Choral Society. I might take voice lessons again this fall, but it will be tight squeeze between lab, TA-ing, and classes. Regardless, I will enjoy having Craig and music back in my life.

Instant domesticity awaits. Window treatments, doggy playdates, and breakfasts in bed. I also plan to hold a series of dinner parties at our new place in West Menlo, and have already been planning menus. First up: chilled cucumber soup with braised salmon and red chili compote.

Is this the beginning of the end of my great rugged-individualism California experience?