Monday, May 02, 2005

But by then, Harold was over his head in the ocean...

I had a really good talk with Lane today. Mostly about how I have been a total asshole to everyone in my life and that I am sorry for that. I like my friends. And I like people in general; I just get caught up in hating humanity for the errors of a few.

The moral of the story: never underestimate your friends. You can be pleasantly surprised even when expecting the worst.

Now for something completely different:

This is a contented look at the mundane that is my life:

1)I have been listening to Jonie Mitchell lately, so I have really good karma. So good it is scary.

2)In an effort to keep my SPE count up I just finished my 8th banana/strawberry/chocolate protein shake in 4 days. Uh…

3)I have made 0 index cards in the last week. Maybe that is why I haven’t accomplished anything?

4)I read Craig Harold and the Purple Crayon last night. Synoposis: there are no grown-ups in Harold’s world—except the police man he draws. He is lost from home, scared by a dragon, and almost drowns in an ocean. He has to rely on his crayon and his baby-wits. . My first impression of this book is that little children would find it very frightening. After reading last night though, I think the book cover should say something like, “Empowering babies everywhere.” Really, it is very inspiring. If only all our problems could be fixed by a purple crayon. If only.

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Ms Bees Knees said...

"Empowering Babies Everywhere," I love the way you think.