Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beginning of the end

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The label said: "fairway", but I will call them "my John Deers". And they will be my baby.

This is the first time I have ever bought shoes to cheer myself up. Gawd, is this the beginning of a downward spiral of compulsive consumption? (I mean "the act of consuming", not the condition that dying sopranos invariably have.)

Monday, January 30, 2006

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I swear the contributors to postsecret are reading my mind. Hypocritical PETA-harpies.

I hope they lie on a gurney in a cold operating room and experience the horrendous trauma of a double mastectomy before they deny other women legitimate medical treatments.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reflections in a jaundiced eye...among others

Absolutely insane week of school/work/frenzied-socializing.

Spent Monday night with Craig, Tuesday night at a Phi Mu Alpha meeting, Wednesday night at Jazz with Callie/Archer/Craig drinking Bermuda triangles, Thursday made it to the Vu and decided against it at the door, Friday went to see East of Eden with Wendy and Craig at the Missouri Theatre.

I spent about 4 hours Saturday morning playing of all things: quiz bowl. I know. I am a nerd. Was on a team with Kristin, Lane and Aaron. Aaron and Kristin were by far the MVPs, but I got some questions: including ones about cars, sumo wrestling, mars, and Andy Jackson. We even won 20 bucks, which was splendtacular.

Later we got Thai and played Trivial Pursuit pop-culture (drinking of course) until I left for Shatterday with Craig, where it has become official: the gaiyes have taken over.

Last semester I was a recluse of sorts, but for a good reason: I don’t have an impetus to seek out human interaction—especially if I am busy. My self-imposed exile from a social life last semester is officially over, but I feel like I am becoming un-misanthrope. And it scares me.

As my diety herself, Florence King, says, “Familiarity doesn't breed contempt, it is contempt.”

Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Also on Underwear Monday nights, this is a pic of (from left): Me-Natalie-Kyle-Katie-Shah-Nick-Ryan-and some guy I don't know.

The theme for this Monday night is Price is Right Monday Night. As I hear it, the girls dress up as "bob's beauties" (creepy, I know), Nick is Bob, and the guys dress up as contestants. I think that Craig and I will go as sailors, but I grow weary of my full-time job as costumer for our social life.

Le Sigh.

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This is Katie, my good friend from freshmen year, drinking a Honey Wheat out of my boxer-briefs at Underwear Monday nights, earlier this fall.

Lest I be perceived as a kiss-and-tell, Katie was *very* drunk, we were both being silly, and she was thoroughly embarrassed the next day. It was not her fault.

Interestingly enough, Katie is pre-optometry student (who works for an eye-bank), and she related a story where she cut the lenses out of one of her high school newly deceased classmates earlier that day.

So she had a good excuse to for the shameless debauchery.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eryn's 21st

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I am at a time in my life where all my friends are having the 4th coming of age ritual that is still intact in American society today—the 21st birthday. After sex (which is the most important step in the maturation process) comes the driver's license, then voting, then turning 21. Matt, Kristin, Natalie, Manda, Lane--and now Eryn.

Then comes Rick, Me, Robyn, and lastly Aaron (In October—Christ!!).

Everyone being legal. Gawd. How old will I feel then?

Anyway, we had a fucking blast on Saturday, and the above picture is little 115 lbs Eryn dancing with Robyn and me at Shatterday. I think the fact that she made it to 21 shots is reminiscent of the incomprehensible profundity of the Great Pyramids or a Whitney Houston dance remix.

And yes, if you are curious that is David Bowie from Labyrinth on my T. I know. Fierce.

Monday, January 23, 2006

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Craig and I have good luck when it comes to costumes. Clickity clack here for more pics of us before BBM.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

To suck or not to suck (up)

If I never write another personal statement as long as I live it will be too soon.

How does one look good on paper without bragging or sounding ingratiating? Maybe I should just start turning in short video-documentaries like Elle in Legally Blonde. Only I don’t have boobs or blonde hair with which to woo older white-men committee member types.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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Went to see Broke Back Mountain last night with Craig.

Expecting to cry my eyes out like a little girl, I decided to lighten up the occasion by dressing up. It took me 5 minutes to put together the perfect outfit. Cowboy boots borrowed from Craig, tight jeans, and a long-sleeve buttoned up shirt with fringe. Yes. Fringe. I can now say that I have willingly resembled a lamp shade.

BBM was sad, but not the maudlin sobfest I was expecting. Any of its detractors that judged it without even seeing it (cough, cough, Fox News), can kiss my goddamn gay ass because I loved the movie. Not only was it a beautiful story paired with great acting, and breath-taking (oh, how I loathe that descriptor, but it's fitting) cinematography, it made me appreciate how relatively easy it is to be gay in the year 2006.

Normally the gay liberal establishment (that which it is), makes me more nauseated than a hung-over morning sick pregnant woman in a row boat in the Pacific during hurricane season. Zombie-chanting: “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” to show the heterosexual world that gay people are acceptance freaks that need straight people’s sanction to live their lives is not my idea of how to ‘win’ gay rights.

Although I don't condone their methods of in-your-face repulsiveness and constant victim-mongering, I appreciate their results: they have made America a safer place to live for homosex’als. So thank you PFLAG, GLAAD, and the sort, because I don’t live in a world where I feel endangered because I am gay. Thank god it isn’t 1977.

Happy B-day

First, I would like to say: Happy birthday to edgrow.blogspot.com! You are 1 year old. Have some cake.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Random what-its.

1)I took a hiatus from technology while visiting my rents and sibs for Christmas…which explains the lack of posts. Sorry. (Pouty Pirate) However, I did have a really fun time in Rolla (gasp!). I miss my little sisters and I had lots of fun playing boggle with my bro Al. And drinking “Ye Olde English 40s” at house parties.

2)I am packing like a banshee so I can get on a shuttle at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning for my flight out of StL. Shit! Although, the butt-crack of dawn will only bring me closer to Puerto Rico where it will be in the low 80s for all two glorious weeks. I will miss Craig. That is sad.

3)Craig and I went to Shattered last night to ring in the new year. It was fantab. Not very many gays—but amazing music, costumes, vibe, etc. Looking fierce and drinking are by far my two favorite activities.

4)When I get back Jan 15, I promise lots of updates and pictures from PR, underwear Monday nights, dressy Monday Nights, float trips from this summer, and Manda’s B-day. Till then—tata, and enjoy ’06!