Thursday, September 29, 2005

Weekend plans (wow, a title of an entry that actually has some functional purpose)

This weekend I am going home to see my family. Three years ago, I never would have thought that I would be willingly going back home.

I plan to spend *all* of Saturday sitting in a chair in our backyard under the warm orange light of the autumn sun, eating wild berry skittles, and listening to Brahms.

“Ah, the pathos.”

The only thing missing will be Craiger.

To clarify

(def): Snakewalking: verb; to walk in a slinking or undulating fashion, usually while listening to music on an iPod. Perfected by Nick D’Angelo circa 2003. In a sentence: “Look at that snakewalking fuck.”

Monday, September 26, 2005

I had a really good day today. And I just thought all of you should know. Because Lord knows I do a lot of bitching…and I don’t mean to be so negative all the time.

The sun was all like “I think I will shine today” and I was listening to Café Tacuba while snake-walking from FAB and I saw an Indian woman and her baby sitting on a park bench. I suppose it is the little things that count.

Also I was reminded of this link from Flesh’s blog: wintertime sorority girl. Like the one in my Physics class, who the day before our first hour exam didn’t know what the gravitational constant was (and also totally oblivious as to why 300 people were laughing at her).

Tracy Flick-types make life worth living sometimes.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Warm, Warmer, Disco

Bizarre weekend.

Watched Pulp Fiction on Friday with Mands. I forgot, that movie has almost as many good one-liners as Fight Club.

“Did you see a sign on my house that said ‘Dead Nigger Storage’?”

Picked up trash hella early on Saturday morning (I swear it wasn’t for community service). Now I bear an unholy grudge against anyone who throws their cigarette butts on the sidewalk 3 feet from a trash can.

Played around with my iTalk and marveled at is splenderificity in conjunction with my new 20 GB color iPod. God, I am turning into such a technology-whore. A magpie that lines my nest with more shiny gadgets than I can ever use.

Decided not to go to the Brothel party and instead watched Crash. And after listening to Portis Head all day *and* going to Wal-Mart, I was pretty depressed. The world can be such a fucking ugly place sometimes.

But like any good conservative-libertarian (I walked out on the first day of International Relations freshman year when the professor made a snide comment about Reagan) I have decided to ignore the unsightly malignancy that is America and instead chose to numb my pain with an excruciating 37 mile bike ride to the Missouri River this afternoon on a bike seat not much wider than Paris Hilton’s nose.

I will keep you updated on whether or not I ever regain feeling in my taint.

Friday, September 23, 2005

This is a picture of Craig and me way earlier this summer at the Vu.

Speaking of clubs, I am never going to SoCo, no matter how many times I am harassed by Eric, you Mexican-cake-blog queen. Supposedly they are way uptight. They are a gay club (albeit in the middle of Missouri) and they won't even let you take off your shirt. How ron-dank-u-lous! Craig blames the rule on angry lesbians, but, as I have been reminded lately, gays have become the new straight. Dressing like frat boys, having commitment ceremonies, and making up retarded puritanical restrictions on other people's freedoms. That's right. As I recall from sleeping through AP US History in High School, the freedom to be topless is somewhere in the bill of rights.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So busy

My only respite today will be riding my bike to another night class, while listening to Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) on my iPod. (I lament that I am a hobo)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

You can dance for inspiration

Saturday night included getting very trashed on Bacardi 151, and going with blue-haired Craig to Shattered where they played Get Into the Groove, Rhythm Nation, and Wave of Mutilation. Could retro night get any gayer?

‘Mos were out in full force. OMG. They are taking over. There are no breeders left. This saddens me.

The rest of the weekend was a lethargic blur of 20+ mile bike rides, countless hours of practicing, notecard making, studying, and tamale rolling with lesbians from work, who, by the way, rock my frickin' face off.

More than once, I was reminded that I was the MAN-ual labor. Out of control.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

You're maudlin and full of self-pity. You're magnificent!

Recently I have begun to wonder why I am attracted so much to older men/women. Some reasons may be:

I like someone who knows what they want.
Older people, generally speaking of course, interest me more.

But really, I think the reason is I like to be an Eve Harrington of sorts.

Margo: “Lovely speech, Eve. But I wouldn't worry so much about your haht. You can always put that award where your haht ought to be.”

Sunday, September 11, 2005

"A foot stamping on a human face forever!"

I am full of dollar burgers from CBAG, and thus my brain isn’t working. This should explain the following post. I write it on no pretenses of having a cohesive thread.

*The amaretto double shots (size large, please) from Trops have a deceptively large amount of alcohol in them. Beware!

*After watching Batman Begins, I was a moderate fan of Christian Bale. After watching The Machinist, I am a rabid fan of Christian Bale. He isn’t beautiful by any means, but he is interesting looking, and I like that. Like Milla Jovovich or Uma. Also, The Machinist makes me feel better about my body—I don’t feel so skinny anymore. You know how the camera is supposed to add 10 lbs to your picture? I have always had the opposite experience. It subtracts 10 lbs, and when I see pictures of me I am always like, “Damn. That bitch needs to eat.”

*Craig: “Mozart is like the Britney Spears of the classical period. Talented, but a whore.”

*My friend Eric is a starting a cake blog, in which he posts a pic of the new cake he bakes every week this semester. What, you ask if he’s gay? How ever did you know?

*I have spent the last week finishing The Western Lands and apprehensively eyeing my insect collection on my desk. I am *so* afraid it will eat me. What is it with Burroughs and the ‘ick’ factor?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm sorry in advance

"Jesus has a holy hatred for you!"

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I swear to gawd, I was sober

As promised I posted some pics from Miranda and my sledding experience earlier this summer.

After wild debauchery (dumpster diving) and having our courage bolstered by a successful stick-throwing coup against the roaming hordes of raccoons in *our* garbage cans, we found a most priceless treasure: the wicker basket bottom to an enormous papasan chair.

We ended up tying said papasan to my car with a length of extension chord, padding the seat, and sledding around in the parking lot at speeds up to 20 mph. It was random- dangerous-bizarre. As I seem to remember someone (not mentioning any names…) couldn’t walk the next day from the bruises on her ankles.

Miranda, who gets my even heavily veiled pop culture references, will be in DC until some time in the distant future. We will miss her.

(at shattered)
Me: I will push that queen down the steps so fast…There is always someone more ambitious behind you on the stairs…
Miranda: OMG! What is that from. Is it Showgirls?
Me: Yes. Yes! Bff?
Mirs: Ok.

uh, yeah, that is us with the chair held on through the sunroof of to the top of my 1985 black lincoln town car. Posted by Picasa

mirs captaining our ship Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 02, 2005

Is it all full? I am playful.

This week has been pretty laid back. Not much news (Ed translation: I am still going to drag this out into an actual entry)

Here’s a run-down:

My roommate Aaron fought the law. And the law won. Clickity-clack here.

Went to the Blue Fugue (AKA Music Café) to see Chris, Rachel’s beau play in his band Los Desderados. Chris is from [edit: Memphis] (not Nashville), and plays the harmonica like no one’s business. Got to see Jesse and Rachel salsa dance along with a bellydancer and Old Blue, the 5 foot tall bearded ‘Nam vet that was a gopher in the war. Seriously, he is five feet tall. With a beard. Think Snow white and the seven dwarves.

Lots of positive energy, will go back again soon.

Listened to a lot of Bryn Terfel singing RVW. Now I wish I had a head like a grizzly bear.

Listened to a lot of the sublime Thomas Quasthoff singing Brahms. Thanked god I am not a thalidomide baby.

Excited to no end, but also very nervous to be cast as the big DG in our opera scenes.

That is all.