Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My boyfriend brought me chai. Yay!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Here are things that I’ve noticed lately that would probably strike anyone (who is not a total spaz like me) as unremarkable:

1) A guy being pulled over in a parking lot on campus, discussing with the faux-po *in detail* the Mizzou basketball team, scores, etc. I’m feeling like I would have a distinct disadvantage in “straight” talking my way out of traffic violations.

2) Two Asian students (apparently from different countries, i.e., “Are you Chinese or Japanese?” “No, I’m from Laos, it’s a land-locked country in south of Asia…”) who were trying to communicate a sandwich order at the union.

Asian♀-sandwich-maker: Would you rike pickers?

Asian♂-sandwich-orderer: Pickers?

Asian♀- sandwich-maker: Yes, loast beef sandwich?

All in all, a cute exchange. They were trying so hard, I suppose some soft Copland music should be played in the background.

3)I almost slept through evolution the morning after Craiger’s B-day party (Ed=2 Bermuda triangles), so I grabbed some stuff to take notes on at his house. After taking notes about vertebrate eye homology I got curious and began flipping through the notebook to see what else was in there. I took Craig’s crazy-cult/brainwashing Mormon religion class notes from BYU.

Previous page, and I quote: “Ch10 v17, spiritual gifts come by Light of Christ”. I suppose Christ’s Light should be capitalized, in the vein of THE Holy Spirit’s Left Sandal…

Ch9 “don’t give up”

v.16: “Sprit of Christ~ conscience (D+C 88)”


1) “truth shineth”

2) “light in all things”

3) “life to all things”

4) “power of God”

Oh, Jesus. The irony was not lost on me…it was a nice diversion from a class I hate so much.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It was about a million degrees in Jake Shear's pants tonight.