Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm a fountain of gladness

Where do I start?

Yesterday morning, after walking the dogs, feeding the fish and such, I came home and went for a run. It was frickin hot—so I ended up going back to bed, which defeated the purpose of a “wake-up” run.

Robyn comes over at like 3PM, and we go to the store to buy “freezy pops, Mmm” and bomb pops. Also we shop for underwear. I decide on the little-boy spider man brief that I had coveted as a child. I got the size 8 (for 60-75 pounders) and with a good stretching they fit. Robyn looks for underwear also and we get into a debate about which is a better animal to have on your unmentionables.

Final decision: ducks are better than turtles are better than bears. Just so you know. I become embarrassed at being in the women’s underwear section, and Robyn callously tells me, “Go to the purses.” Like that will save my waning sense of masculinity.

We take said Popsicle novelties to her house and I see Leelu, Rainbow, Molly, and Lexi. Oh and the humans: Janet and Jenn. And then Lane calls and is like, “do you want to play croquet?” And then he proceeded to tell us that being out of bounds in croquet lingo is called “being out of turkey.” I mean seriously, WTF?

And Janet is like, “Your friends do such weird things”, as Robyn and I head out the door with bomb pops to play croquet in the park. It was fabulous! As most games that we play end up, it was Lane against everyone. But much fun was had by all, and we decided to have a barbeque and play croquet again tonight.

After said croquet/popsicle orgy, Craig and I got something to eat and watched some cartoons. Yes, I said it. Cartoons. And then we drank until Miranda came over and then went with Jeff to Shattered.

It was fabulous, Rachel came with Scott, and they both looked amazing in pink and black! I have never sweated so much in my life…the club was fucking hot. Then I drove us home, and took off my clothes and did hand-stands in the parking lot so Craig would get the hint and come inside.

We drove out to Dean’s house (the guy I was house-sitting for this weekend) and slept in. Walked Ziggy and Pickles, then went to the store to buy some breakfast fixings. Had egg/turkey-bacon croissant sandwhiches, and pancakes. Splendiferous! Nap (and naked hilarity) ensued, once again.

Pretty soon I need to get ready for the barbeque, so I need to cut this out and get in the shower. Yes, it is 5:33PM and I am still dressed in last night’s clothes.

Oh walk of shame, you are a harsh mistress.


robyn said...

that reminds me of thomas mayo, carryinghis clothes and his shoes, filled with puke! :)

Ed Grow said...

Haha, yeah that was good times. I also remember him sitting on the driveway, wearing only his boxers, and washing the puke off with a garden hose.

Anonymous said...

spiderman underwear...congratulations, i am officially disturbed by that bro...keep up the good work


Ms Bees Knees said...

My envy runs deeper and wider than Courtney Love's vagina. But what an odd thing to say. So sorry.

ps. Ziggy and Pickles? WTF?

Ed Grow said...

Ms. Bees Knees!

Of course, once again you are right. Courtney love is one big skank-whore! And by the way, Ziggy is a perfect name for a peppy dog. Although pickles... I mean seriously. Bitch, please. Who names their dog that? Love and kisses!

Mir said...

Your handstands were beyond hot. And I'm assuming he got the point.

Ed Grow said...


Yes he got the point. Several times, as I remember.