Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ok, so Craig and I went to the construction party of Generic, this bar owned by his boss. It was fun, and the name generic was fitting. It was crawling with beautiful, cookie-cutter frat rats and bleach blonde sorority supa-tramps.

They had decorated the place with caution tape and had paid some skinny blondes to wear Lowe’s toolbelts and go-go dance. Lol, the straight people were trying so hard. It was cute.

If I have learned anything from Damon, it is to properly tip the dancers. I found the cutest one and stuck some dollar bills into her knee-highs.

Woke up this morning with a headache, but still managed to power through it and go to my 11 o’clock. It is a beautiful day. I love you Thursday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good things about today:

I aced my biochemistry quiz.

I had an amazing practice session, in which I hit, get ready for it, a high G. Oh, God, it was glorious. My good voice day more than made up for opera which is *so* dragging right now. I can’t wait for staging.

I remembered how to use the matrix function on my calculator, which cut my 2 ½ hour physics lab down to 45 minutes. Nerds kick ass! (I told you that reading the entire HP 48G user’s guide would come in handy one day.)

I am going with Craig to the opening of a new bar on Broadway down from BR's. Getting my game face on to drink like a fish. Beware.

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This time of year, when things are cold and gray, I end up listening to Joni Mitchell’s California. And think of better things to come.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


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Things went better than I had hoped this weekend. As with anything in life, it isn't perfect.

But I am content. People surprise me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sad but true

My mom just sent me a newspaper from my home town (as she often does) with things of interest, i.e., Michelle/Dalton engagement announcement, a feature on my XC buddy Lance who was an extra in a film.

And in the upper corner was the tag-line of “‘BrokeBack Mountain’ up for Oscars” which she had X-d over and written in pen beside: “what an insult.”

Given, I am not out to Christian-conservative parents (which is something I feel an increasing need to fix), so I know my mom didn't mean to hurt me, but this simple act made me really sad.

I love my mother very much (Hello! I *am* a cancer.), and I know exactly what she would say if I confronted her. Something about how BBM is offensive to the 99.99% of straight cowboys (which is probably true, lol).

And that is exactly the problem. Whenever the general entity called “Hollywood” does anything depicting a minority group, anyone who sees the movie assumes that it is a generalization of all, fill in the blank__: gays, blacks, transvestites, vampires, etc.

There are some parts to BBM that I find very saddening (notice I don’t use the word “offensive”)—basically the storyline that involves men that cheat on their wives. That is not ok; I don’t care how much society has “oppressed” anyone.

But because the movie depicts infidelity is not why my mother has such contempt for the movie, because I bet you 500 million dollars she hasn’t seen it, and probably never will. And I don’t feel the need to defend something from a defamer that is poorly informed.


I had a great Valentine’s Day. I cooked a candlelight dinner for Craiger, it was simple but fun. [3/4 of a way through an entire bottle of sparkling wine, me: “This is alcoholic?!]

I feel lucky that I can celebrate Valentine’s Day, because the holiday sucks *so* much for single people. I know, because I’ve been there. One of my saddest memories is spending my V-Day evening in my senior year of high school studying for my AP Calc test listening to Aimee Mann’s “One” on repeat.

Ah the pathos!

To all my single friends who are tired of being single, keep your chin up—and someday the most wonderful person will waltz into your life. And they will love you.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

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Saw Match Point last night with Craig, Jaime, and Scott at Rag-Tag.

I think it would best be described as “deeply unsettling”. By the end of the movie, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers had created so much empathy for his character…well-- I’ve said too much.

Go see it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

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I am fascinated by French actor Gaspard Ulliel (he was so charming in A Very Long Engagement). He is also appearing in a new Hannibal Lector movie, which is a mistake, I think.

My interest in Gaspard Ulliel was piqued because he reminds me of a boyish Schubert.