Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Every boy is a snake is a lily, every pearl is a lynx is a girl

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Bjork. I envy her. She is an elfin-like Icelandic princess. She will always look and sound like a little girl. Ever alluring, perpetually youthful. She is like a female Peter Pan.

Which reminds me, I have less than a month left of being a teenager.

I remember as a kid, you always wanted to grow up, to get a later bedtime or curfew. More responsibility, more freedom.

Balls! And then you find out that being a grown-ups sucks. I mean, not like I am anywhere near having real responsibilities, but I can imagine how much it must suck to be old.

You have bills, children, spouses, jobs, loans. They all need to be fed, to be paid, to be placated.

So here is my promise to you: I will never grow up.

Unless old becomes the new young. Kind of like gray is the new black. Or oral sex is the new 1st base. But, I digress.


amanda said...

If oral sex is the new first base, where does that put everything else? Is fucking still home? Do "you people" have ATM, DP, and felching on your standard baseball diamond?

Ed Grow said...


Soon I will come up with an unnsessarily and overly-elaborate base system. I am guessing it will have about 20 some bases, and home will probably be "being fisted by a midget while humping a transexual hobo." Also, I will change my name to Jessica Mueller.