Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fridays rock my face off.

Because of the State Music festival, I had only 2 classes today.

Of course that means I had to be a hall monitor for Townsend Hall. And by hall monitor I mean mainly sit in the library and catch up on 4+ hours of cell biology. Ever once and again I would poke my head out the door to say, “If you are in high school, shut the hell up.”

That worked nicely.

I also had 3 hours of choral union rehearsal tonight, but I got to sit by my significant other and discretely feel each other up. Which also worked nicely.

The soloists are amazing! Holy shit! The soprano is a gorgeous African princess. And fucking awesome. The mezzo (although Rachel told me she was a huge bitch) is really good too. The tenor is some verisomo demi-god. The bass is this Italian guy that looks like Fabio—complete with soul patch and long blonde pony tail. He is very good too, although most of the guys who I was sitting by spent the entire night trying to figure out if he was gay or not.

And I said, “He’s European. They don’t have sexual preferences.” It’s true. But that must be hard on the European women. How’s a girl suppose to have any semblance of a gay-dar? I mean, seriously, if you all wear tight red cigarette legged pants, it makes it kind of difficult. So maybe they should hold signs like the people at the Airport. That clearly states their sexual preference.

Just an idea.


Larn said...

i concur... people should hold up signs showing their sexual preferences... it would make things simpler and really kind of amusing, no?

Seestar said...

Hey...why you gots ta be doggin' on the Italians? do make a good point about the tight red pants...oh shit...

Ms Bees Knees said...

In no other place do the straight guys look gayer than in the UK. Frosted hair, super tan, clothing is way stylized... my gadar was fucking broken after that.