Wednesday, July 13, 2005

speaking little, perhaps not a word

Much fun was had today: I went to work, had a good lesson, played croquet with Rachel and Lane (they rock!), discussed the different methods of obliterating the planet and talked about the shape of the universe, called Alan to discuss said shape of the universe, fixed dinner, and read some publications. I am also seeing Craig tonight. Yippee!

On a totally unrelated note: to me, my “unscented” deodorant stick smells like lime gin. How much of an alcoholic am I?

O God, I can stop whenever I want.


CollegeChic said...

If you stop being an alcoholic, will AA allow you to make/buy me long island iced teas? Will they allow you to make me grasshoppers? Will they allow you to indulge in both frosting and michael t. weiss simultaneously? These are the things a chach must know in case she has to prepare hersefl for the worst.
P.S. I have a little somthin' somethin' for you, and your id tag. Let me know when you are around and I can stop by and drop them off. Mucho Amour

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Ed, you are not an alcholic yet, you are studying very hard to be one. I only hope that when you get to that point, you will let me introduce you "society". Miami's always open to you and that poor, suffering being called your boyfriend. You would make such a great addition to my alcholic Humex collecion.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Oh, shit.... i'm typning drunk again. Ed, I meant Humel. It's the freates disastor movie I remember as a child.

Rob Danger said...

Do you use gel or that white-crap that gets stuck in your arm-pit hairz?

Aaron said...

mmmm lime gin... i propose that we have a gin and tonic night to celebrate the begining of school/the furthering of our alcoholism.

Seestar said...

Yo I'm the devil, and I'm here to say I'm the most evil rapper in the USA. All my homies and my bitches say "hey!"
Hi eddie, I might be coming up tomorrow night, so I want to see your fabulous self!!! (Maybe before you get wasted so that I can hear something besides, "Will you still respect me in the morning?")

Ed Grow said...

OMG. Saturday was *so* much fun. Although I don't remember much (surprise?) I am so glad that you and Rick made it out. I will have to give you cooking lessons sometime soon, as I am bored and miss you/MTW/frosting/tequila. Do consider.

I would die to come to Miami. You romanticize it so...I am sure that it is just overflowing with dirty, illegal Cubans and their alluring ways.
P.S. Craig is not suffering. Although, he does put up with me being a flaming alkie every once and a while. Love!

Eww, no! It is some gel--although lime-gin scented or not, after 9 hours in a corn field, I smell like a wonderful straight man.

Good news! Lane likes Busch lite, which means that fucker will finally drink with us! When you get back we are going to re-christen our apartment with new, fresh vomit stains! Yippee!

Of course baby! I can't wait, and yes, I might manage to be moderately sober, so hurry up and visit before I drift into a total haze...Love!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Darling Ed, you are right: we are overflowing with Cuban hotties. There's enough (way enough)to go around and we have a very good way of keeping them in line: we fuck them. I'm glad that Derwood, or whatever your boyfriend's name is, joins you in such libation amusement. That's important, and I can't wait to host the two of you here in the capital of sin.

whitney said...

ed- how funny would it be if we drank together??! hmmm...we should!

Ed Grow said...

Do you rap as well drunk? Because, that would be a prereq for us enjoying some of the sauce together! Love.