Sunday, July 24, 2005

Making love with his ego, Ziggy sucked up into his mind

Last night was hil-a-rious. Went to Shattered with Craig, Miranda, Jesse, and Michael, a guy that Craig met on “whore-dot-com”.

Michael just moved here and didn’t know anyone, so I, of course, decided to make a round with him and see if we couldn’t find him a guy.

Cher to Ty: “Let's do a lap before we commit to a location.”

Unfortunately, the couple we bumped into (A&J) turned out to be some slutty, creepy, popped-collar-midget-queens that wanted to “take him home”. As if.

Anyway, lest you all call me shallow (Dionne “No, Cher! Not to your face.”—ok, I will stop with the Clueless references…really) I will tell you what else I have been up to lately.

Occasionally, I like to go chronologically through artists’ careers (as I did with Led Zeppelin) to better get a feel for their development of their work. My current project is David Bowie. Thanks to my enabler limewire and internet music piracy, I have gotten through Ziggy Stardust today.


CollegeChic said...

I am in love with the Clueless references, don't stop them! It sounds like you had another fabulous time at Shattered. I am veery intrigued by your David Bowie quest, let me know what you ascertain from his music. If you want, I burned the Best of Bowie, so that is always an option that you have. All my love,
The girl with the olive oil burn (aka battle scar!)

rachel said...

you know how close i am with if you want an album, let me know.........i highly reccomend aladdin sane.......i also have some more recent bowie....
i do declare.....fine taste!!!
not to be confused with chach

Garet said...

Oh, Ed, I do so look forward to your comments. And by "look forward to," I mean that I sweat bullets hoping that I erase the ones that aren't suited for bed-wetting conservative eyes. Good to hear from you on occasion.