Saturday, July 09, 2005

Let's Get After It

Last weekend, my friend Manda and I went fireworks shopping. It is a little tradition of ours to seek out ridiculous and suggestive names for fireworks. My perennial favorites usually include thinly veiled sexual innuendo. Like golden showers, flaming hot balls, or my all-time fav: 9 inch Mammoth repeater.

This year, we found some pretty tame names, so my favorite was called Let’s Get After It. As of now, I am in favor of letting more white trash name all of our American consumer goods. Learn him good educational supplies for the home school parents, I just puked in my uncle’s couch upholstery cleaner, I reckon it’s still good baby formula…the possibilities are really just endless.

You can read more about our excursion by reading her blog.


-mandy- said...

impressive. i have enough hickness at panera. my friend Bob and i counted tacky sequin flag shirts on the 4th. there were many. i think sequins stop being 'fabulous' when they're worn by 40-something housewives.

Ed Grow said...

Other people's lack of taste and total fashion-ineptitude is one of my greatest sources of entertainment in my life.

Alan said...

you are too damn funny. please shut up.

Ed Grow said...

I am baffled as to whether you are being serious or not. Your particular brand of subtle sarcasm is even harder to pick up on via text. So shame on you.
PS--I read a really interesting physics review about "dark energy". Physics is becoming the new mysticism---the new alchemy, you might say. It has replaced chemistry.

Oh, and by the way, have you come up with any ways to do fluid mechanics for granular substances? Like the scientists that spend their life studying Jupiter's sand dunes...I mean seriously, who does that? I guess you don't need to be number theorist to be *completely* disassociated from reality. Hmm. Sorry for rambling. Love!

alan said...

naw, i chuckled over this entry all day, s all i'm sayin. please write more so i can chortle & guffaw again soon.

i found a sphinx moth in a hallway today & almost mailed it to you. it wasn't one i remember seeing in mo.