Saturday, July 23, 2005


The last few days have been spent working, sleeping, and reading Harry Potter (gasp! Could that ending be right?), which I finished this morning at 2:30AM. I was so tired I slept through my alarm clock…I was supposed to go bike riding with Darrell at 8AM on the MKT trail. I saw him a couple of days ago when me and the ‘mos were bowling. Darrell, incomprehensible and inscrutable as always, was rambling about how he was becoming white trash. Bowling on Thursday nights and skipping work to go see Journey and such.

“And so this guy that I work with called and said, “Steve Perry is back with Journey! We are skipping work tomorrow!”

Last night I cooked dinner with Eryn and we sat and watched the Pretender with Janet. We do love us some Michael T Weiss.

This afternoon Lane and I played 3+ hours of croquet. The heat index is about 110˚--I am currently rehydrating to prepare for the dehydration that is to occur tonight—Shattered! I can stop anytime I want, so you can just stop your nay-saying.

As you see, my life is consisting of more and more mundane events, happenings, and thoughts. Such is summer.

Oh, PS. I hope to post some pics of me soon. I know, I know. You can hardly wait.


amanda said...

Darrell Stevenson, the man who hooks you up with a keg when you ask for a jug of vodka. What a character.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Anyone who can play 3 or more hours of croquet is top drawerer in my book, even if I an sober. So, for that, and so many other reasons, I award you the title of Mrs. Astor's Pet.