Thursday, April 07, 2005

A giraffe and a bathtub full of brightly colored tools…(and other surreal randomness)

Once again, my never-ending shallow introspection continues. If you are bored/ and or annoyed by this I suggest you never read my blog again…it is likely to continue for a long time. I am going crazy. But what sanity is possible in a world with Prego caps that urge you to “share what’s inside”? I am not kidding.

Ok, so sorry about the total negative energy that has been my weblog lately. It is just hard for me to feel like I don’t know who I am (or what I should be doing). After all, I am part of the cult of self. Haha. Ayn would be proud.

Anyway, today was just another normal day in my life. Theory class was very entertaining, Dr. Minturn rambled for half an hour about the impetus of genius and its connection to Romantic compositions. Final verdict: Brahms was still a hack.

I went to sell my body fluids to the conciliatory whores at Plasma Bio. and watched a glorious episode of Price is Right. Middle America is alive and kicking! And it is fat and wearing T-shirts on TPIR.

I also went to Booches for lunch with the corn folk and a good time was had by all.

Sometimes when I feel like a piece of dirt, I like to drastically change my appearance. Today I got my haircut by someone new (oh, I know, livin’ on the edge). What is better, it turned out badly. Why would that be good you ask? I am not quite sure…but I like to have a severe and unflattering haircut now and then. Just think of it as my good friend Robyn’s obsession with ugly clothing. (jk)

Work mainly consisted of shelling corn and listening to pseudo-college indie radio.

But tonight I am excited to go to Lane’s concert and then maybe have a few drinks…we’ll see how it turns out.

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