Friday, April 22, 2005

Animal crackers in my soup!

Had choral union rehearsal for Verdi’s Requiem tonight, which is going to be fan-fucking-tastic. I hear the Italian bass solist Petro Pecchiozi (or something Italian like that) looks like Fabio. If this is true, the $5 admission fee will be money well spent. Do come!

The power went out tonight at U-Place for about an hour. Sat around in the dark talking with Robyn, Eryn, Kristin/Lane, Matt and Aaron. Much hilarity was had over my animal crackers. And that is all I will ever say about that.

Late night craving for orange foods. Am currently eating grilled cheese and drinking orange juice. Alas, it is not a screwdriver, for I have 9 o’clock class. Living for the weekend!


John said...

Hey ed let me know if you have any performances on fri sat or sun. Im always looking for excuses to go to columbia.

Ed Grow said...

Choral Union concert on Sat, April 30 at 8pm in Jesse. We are doing Verdi's Requiem, which is the mushroom on the dung-pile of romanticism.