Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Not for the taste, for the protein"

So here is a post that is not about me.

Aaron (my roomate): do you want some fucking golden oreos?
Me: No.
Aaron: I don't want to eat dinner, I just want to eat cookies.
Me: (inside thought): Jeez, there goes your workout regimen.
Aaron: I lifted weights and went tanning today. [emphasis added by editor]

His relentless campaign of self-improvement continues.


Aaron said...

Thanks for letting everyone know how much of an idiot i am. Much obliged. Oh, and now matter weird or antisocial you act, i'll still be your friend.

Ed Grow said...

I am glad to know you Aaron Hartmann. While we are divulging embarassing anecdotes, one time you told me, "Your are the closest thing I have to a girlfriend." And I will take that to the grave with me! Ha.