Friday, April 22, 2005


Had an incredibly disturbing dream in which I beat to death the woman from the Relacor ads who says, “Get rid of stubborn belly fat” at the request of my friend Manda ( Does killing someone in a dream count as murder? And why couldn’t I have snuffed someone who really deserved it? Like the Elephant-Christian who lives directly above me? These questions we might never have the answer to.

Went to Maude Vintage today after class/work to find some skin-tight clothes to wear on my date tonight. Really, what’s a girl to wear? But let’s keep that on the down-low. I am a T-R-A-M-P. Maude V has moved out of the basement and out onto a street level shop on Broadway. This saddens me. I asked an uninterested and apathetic employee (yet another Alternative-goddess decked in leg-warmers, gaudy plastic jewelry, and a cropped sweatshirt) why they had moved out. I also told her that I liked it better dirty.

To which she replied ominously, “Oh, it’ll get dirty.”


amanda said...

you got my link wrong. and wtf are you talking about, the relacor woman deserved it ("yes they deserved to die, and i hope they burn in hell!") you really need to fix your computer, these links are rigoddamndiculous. at the very least, go to and get a thingy that allows you to update without using your broken browser.

Anonymous said...

I too went to Maude V. I went with Annie. I actually bought something too, and I have not bought anything from a vintage store before. Ok, so it might have had and Express label... but you know what, it was only $4 and it is scandalous and sparkly and down right sassy!

Ed Grow said...

Oh Chach,
My love for you grows every day. Sparkly/Sassy seems to be the thing lately...

Ms Bees Knees said...

hola Tramp,
Hope your date went "swell"... I was going to suggest this little number since you were looking for something skin-tight []...but I'm too late. Maybe next time?