Sunday, June 26, 2005

Or my name isn't...*Robert Gulay*

So it is a bad idea to get a 64 oz soda just because it is several cents cheaper per volume than the 32 or 44 oz sizes. It came in a cup the size of Star Jones (no, that is an over exaggeration—it was the size of a football field, roughly the size of one of Catherine Manheim’s boobs), and I have been tied to the bathroom by my toilet umbilical cord, AKA, my small bladder.

In other unrelated news: While in NY my roommate saw Robert Gulay! How exciting is that? Unfortunately, he didn’t see Will Ferrell—although Aaron did says that Gulay is very short in real life.

Being the nerd that I am, tonight I am finishing my distance learning courses. I will cut myself with plastic spoons, burn my eyebrows off with Everclear, or otherwise mutilate myself to stay awake. I mean, they are due on Wednesday, but I am such a procrastinator—if I don’t finish tonight, I never will. Balls!

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Rob Danger said...

Oh God those were some of the funniest skits from SNL, EVER.
I hear you on the procrastinating, the less I have to do, the more I leave it to the very last second.