Sunday, June 19, 2005

the new critical idiom

OMG. Ok read this, and tell me what you think. Haha! Fuck the Christian right. It goes beyond the fallacy of believing sexual orientation is something you can fix—and into the credo that homosexuality is a disease that needs to be cured. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to sport my personal rainbow flag (like many of the bitchy politico-queens) but this is just ri-goddamn-diculous. I mean, seriously, WWJD?

It makes me so appreciative of all the support and acceptance I have gotten from my friends. To Rachel, Robyn, Alan, Lane, Matt, Aaron, Eryn, Rick, Natalie, Nick, Stephanie, Laura, Anson, Manda, and Caren: thanks.


Rob Danger said...

I must admit to finding the religious right fucking HIGHlarious, but the thought of interacting with a member of said community freaks the shit out of me. They definately seem like they've been transported from Planet 1600's. If witch-burning was still practiced, they'd be lining up the gayz I have no doubt.

Ed Grow said...

I hate to say it, but soon the "gayz" as you put it (gawd I hate that word...and the word boi)will soon rule the world. Their disposable income and consumerism will take the US economy by storm. Their insatiable need to have rouhgly 4,000,000 pairs of underwear each will pull us single-handedly out of this recession. Just you wait!

Rob Danger said...

I have to agree with that, the "Gayz" sure do spend a lot. I think that's mostly because some marketting-genius decided to convince the entire gay population [well, okay just the guys, because let's face it, lesbians are too smart for that shit] that if they could buy their way into acceptance all would be solved.
Luckily, there are those among us, who are not quite so vapid. Are you with me brutha?!

Ed Grow said...

Ok stereotype time:

Lesbians buy birkenstocks, flannel clothing, and parkas. And only when they are totally thread-bare.

Gay men are the new straight girl. (kind of like orange is the new pink or oral sex is the new first base--sorry I already used that one) Anything that is shiny and new we open our big carp's mouths and lap right up.

Rob Danger said...

Except me. I like birkenstocks. And flannel.