Saturday, June 11, 2005

Last night Eryn came over and we watched The Pretender (squeals!!) and ate cake frosting out of the can, and drank some LIIT. Eryn's Rick was out of town, and as I keep reminding all of you, my Craig is in Vienna. (Later I went to Jeff Co and saw the resident-drunks.)

Eryn and I share an abnormal fascination with Michael T Weiss. I have given you all some candy. Shirley, tell mommy thank you. (Now close the blinds. Mommy has a hangover.)
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robyn said...

I am in love with you edward grow

... said...

Michael T Weiss is a big Homo.

Seestar said...

I have a bottle of Italian hard liquor (best stuff I've ever tasted) with our names on it, Ed.

Ed Grow said...

I too, am in love with Edward Grow.

Normally, I would chide you for being such a sassy-Mc.-sassy-pants, but you are far too beautiful for recrimintaion. Le sigh.

Bring it on! Will you still respect me in the morning?

Ethan said...

I will have to try that when Im sad next time!! lol Pretender is even on DVD now!

Ed Grow said...

Yeah it is. We even watched the pilot! Eryn and my favorite quote:
As Miss Parker walks along the top of a ship smoking, the crewman tells her, "Ma'am, the cargo on this ship is highly explosive."

Miss Parker: "So am I."


"the" Mrs. Astor said...

If ANYONE in this world would know that Weiss is a fag, it would be Damon. I always thought The Pretender was rather sexy with that brooding, dark look, but--of course--could never admit to watching such trash. Still, I wish we would bump into each other in a dark, clammy Miami gutter.