Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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Went to see Broke Back Mountain last night with Craig.

Expecting to cry my eyes out like a little girl, I decided to lighten up the occasion by dressing up. It took me 5 minutes to put together the perfect outfit. Cowboy boots borrowed from Craig, tight jeans, and a long-sleeve buttoned up shirt with fringe. Yes. Fringe. I can now say that I have willingly resembled a lamp shade.

BBM was sad, but not the maudlin sobfest I was expecting. Any of its detractors that judged it without even seeing it (cough, cough, Fox News), can kiss my goddamn gay ass because I loved the movie. Not only was it a beautiful story paired with great acting, and breath-taking (oh, how I loathe that descriptor, but it's fitting) cinematography, it made me appreciate how relatively easy it is to be gay in the year 2006.

Normally the gay liberal establishment (that which it is), makes me more nauseated than a hung-over morning sick pregnant woman in a row boat in the Pacific during hurricane season. Zombie-chanting: “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” to show the heterosexual world that gay people are acceptance freaks that need straight people’s sanction to live their lives is not my idea of how to ‘win’ gay rights.

Although I don't condone their methods of in-your-face repulsiveness and constant victim-mongering, I appreciate their results: they have made America a safer place to live for homosex’als. So thank you PFLAG, GLAAD, and the sort, because I don’t live in a world where I feel endangered because I am gay. Thank god it isn’t 1977.


Rob Danger said...

I have not seen said movie and I probably wont. Mostly because it would destroy my cred as a cynical bastard. But also because I'm afraid it would depress me that I have nobody to go home and play “Farm Ranch Studs” with.

CollegeChic said...

Hey darling,
Amy and I went and saw the movie. I balled and Amy (who went to see the guy on guy action) was just infuriated at the way society treated homosexuality back then. I loved it, thought it was a beautiful love story.

On a different topic, I am having my birthday party on Saturday at Sophia's at 7, followed by dancing at Shattered. I have an invitation for you, Craig and Aaron (the three of you have to share one, cause I am poor), but I forgot your apartment number :( Let me know if you guys can come, it won't be the same without you!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

OMG, more than your critical genious, IS FRINGE BACK?

God, where was I when the edict was made that fringe is the new cuff.

Ed Grow said...


As we are the sole bastion left of gay-good taste. I implore you to see it. Also, where the hell have you been. This had better be good buddy. Love!


Of course Craig and I would love to come! I’ll ask Aaron later, and fun will be had by all. I cannot *wait*. Love! (And kisses to Amy).


Alas, fringe was but a passing addiction. Now I’ve turned to shoulder pads. Shine, perishing republic. Love.

craiger said...

Funny we've never discussed such "hot button" issues as these, but I couldn't agree more. Willie flapping in parades is not my idea of advocacy; I think movies such as BBM make a much more powerful statement. On the flip side, though, perhaps the crazies make us look even more ronmal than we are and thus gain us more acceptance. Oh, and sorry for the invocation of the WF phrase!

Ed Grow said...


Cooter, cunt, vagina! Take that, and think about how you're sorry. (JK) Love.

AB5SY said...

BBM & the subject matter is not my shot of Wild Turkey, I'll stick with the soiled doves up stairs at Miss Kitty's Longbranch Saloon, but I am glad you enjoyed it....to each their own.