Saturday, January 28, 2006

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This is Katie, my good friend from freshmen year, drinking a Honey Wheat out of my boxer-briefs at Underwear Monday nights, earlier this fall.

Lest I be perceived as a kiss-and-tell, Katie was *very* drunk, we were both being silly, and she was thoroughly embarrassed the next day. It was not her fault.

Interestingly enough, Katie is pre-optometry student (who works for an eye-bank), and she related a story where she cut the lenses out of one of her high school newly deceased classmates earlier that day.

So she had a good excuse to for the shameless debauchery.


craiger said...

Be fairly warned: I will KILL anyone who looks at these pictures!

alan said...

i'm a dead man. phew, this is even better than you and jeff drinking from my shirtpocket beer breasts. way to take it to the next level bro.

Ed Grow said...


What a little crotch-beer drinking between friends. really? (Jk, Love!)


That's what my people do. They take (relatively)normal things (like a parade) and make them into a ridiculous spectacle that offends and captivates--ie, clitoris lolly-pops, costumed-alien-humping. And the like. Love.