Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eryn's 21st

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I am at a time in my life where all my friends are having the 4th coming of age ritual that is still intact in American society today—the 21st birthday. After sex (which is the most important step in the maturation process) comes the driver's license, then voting, then turning 21. Matt, Kristin, Natalie, Manda, Lane--and now Eryn.

Then comes Rick, Me, Robyn, and lastly Aaron (In October—Christ!!).

Everyone being legal. Gawd. How old will I feel then?

Anyway, we had a fucking blast on Saturday, and the above picture is little 115 lbs Eryn dancing with Robyn and me at Shatterday. I think the fact that she made it to 21 shots is reminiscent of the incomprehensible profundity of the Great Pyramids or a Whitney Houston dance remix.

And yes, if you are curious that is David Bowie from Labyrinth on my T. I know. Fierce.


craiger said...

Very little gets me to REALLY queen out, but just MENTION a Whitney dance remix, and I start shakin' my thang!!

Ms Bees Knees said...

the bowie muscle shirt... HAWT as a muthafucka!

Rob Danger said...

As a canuck we celebrate our right of passage into legal alcoholism a lot earlier: 19. Which is good because by the time we turn 21 we're already old proz.
That being said, you and your manfriend are hawt. And I'm pretty much jealous of your cowboy shirt.

Ed Grow said...


I know love. You can add to that list: Janet, Michael, Madds, the Pixies (vicariously through me), and Pet shop boys. Love!

Ms Bees-

I do what I can. We do love the bowie, don't we? (Dance, magic, Dance...slap that baby, make him scream!) Love.


I envy you. Not like being under 21 has *ever* stopped me from imbibing, but you know. An unfortunate result of wearing a fringed cb shirt: you can pretty much only wear it once. How sad. Love. (Fucking update, JC)

Rob Danger said...

Haven't you heard?
Blogs are so 2005.
Just kidding, I have nothing to say, but I will continue to read and oogle yours.