Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beginning of the end

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The label said: "fairway", but I will call them "my John Deers". And they will be my baby.

This is the first time I have ever bought shoes to cheer myself up. Gawd, is this the beginning of a downward spiral of compulsive consumption? (I mean "the act of consuming", not the condition that dying sopranos invariably have.)


craiger said...

Buying shoes to cheer oneself up? Vanna turn over a G-A-I-Y-E! J/K. I love ya babe!

Ed Grow said...


Hahahahaha! I laughed till I cried tears of...laughter. No seriously, we love you Vanna!

Ms Bees Knees said...

again, your style is impeccable. if i was near you right now, i'd totally hump your feet. i don't even have a foot fetish like craiger does. ::cough::

Garet said...

They're nice shoes. I like how they're green.

Rob Danger said...

Those are totally sexy shoes, and while I don't usually buy shoes to cheer myself up, I am an avid advocate of consumption for celebratory or even commiserate-ory reasons. I just happen to buy CDs.
Speaking of, check out the boys in "we are scientists", sex-ay and pretty fun tunes as well.

Ed Grow said...

Ms Bees-

Hump away love!


Ok, sassy-mc-sassy pants. I know you're just jealous. Love.


I suppose shoes/cds is a lot better than buying crack or something. So we should feel good about ourselves. And Ps, I will check out "we are scientists" just for you. Love.

craiger said...

I love Garet's blunt, matter-of-fact style. Or perhaps he just states the obvious. Maybe, Ed, he's not jealous but GREEN with envy. (ba dump ching)

CollegeChic said...

Shopping in order to cheer one's self up?! Darling, welcome to my world. And yet, it is a harsh cycle so beware. If you turn out like me, you buy when you are unhappy to the point of overdrawing your account. Of course that makes you unhappy again, but now what can you do since you obviously have no more money? So at this point you sit on the couch eating frosting watching Lifetime movies until you get paid again. Buyer beware