Sunday, January 01, 2006

Random what-its.

1)I took a hiatus from technology while visiting my rents and sibs for Christmas…which explains the lack of posts. Sorry. (Pouty Pirate) However, I did have a really fun time in Rolla (gasp!). I miss my little sisters and I had lots of fun playing boggle with my bro Al. And drinking “Ye Olde English 40s” at house parties.

2)I am packing like a banshee so I can get on a shuttle at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning for my flight out of StL. Shit! Although, the butt-crack of dawn will only bring me closer to Puerto Rico where it will be in the low 80s for all two glorious weeks. I will miss Craig. That is sad.

3)Craig and I went to Shattered last night to ring in the new year. It was fantab. Not very many gays—but amazing music, costumes, vibe, etc. Looking fierce and drinking are by far my two favorite activities.

4)When I get back Jan 15, I promise lots of updates and pictures from PR, underwear Monday nights, dressy Monday Nights, float trips from this summer, and Manda’s B-day. Till then—tata, and enjoy ’06!


Ms Bees Knees said...

january 15!? what the!? ::starts shaking:: i need my dose o'gay nerdisms. oh and I have to tell you, this: "looking fierce..." totally cracked me up. miss you and love you [more than craiger does ;)]!!!!

craiger said...

I hardly feel the need to contradict you ms bees, as the world knows that it is impossible to love and miss my eddy g more than I do!!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

OK, it's late Jan. 16; put the bottle down and write us something. Or at least post a photo in your undies.