Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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So if I look like, as bees likes to call it: "hammered shit", it is because someone (who shall remain nameless) woke me up at 7:30AM this morning and wouldn't stop touching me. But then this someone made a breakfast egg burrito (laugh it up Mrs) and all was well with the world.

Long day. (Mad props to Mands for the photog skilz.)


craiger said...

OMG! You're beautiful! Coincidentally, how could ANYONE keep their hands off you? (Although everyone BETTER!)

amanda said...

"It's like he would take a photograph of Sam, and the photograph would be beautiful. And he would think the reason the photograph was beautiful was because of how he took it. If I took it, I would know that the only reason it's beautiful is because of Sam."
-Perks, 48

seriously, i can do even better. we'll photoshoot later this week. you do look pretty though.

Ed Grow said...

Oh, thanks. I feel not so pretty. But I do feel witty and wise--which I guess is better in the long run. Love.

I was reminded of a scene in Clueless when Elton and Cher are driving back from the 'Val Party:

CHER:You have her picture in your locker.

ELTON:I have the picture you took in my locker.

robyn said...

aww i miss you guys, and clueless. does your mother know of said martha t-shirt, she'd be so proud. oh and 'she could be a farmer in those clothes'

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Mother of Jefferson Davis! A normal picture; and I like you hammered, Ed. It gives you that EDge.

Ms Bees Knees said...

yummy!!! I just want to eat you up! Oh and the tight martha-t, priceless!

Ed Grow said...

Hello baby! Coincidentaly, my mom did like the martha shirt a lot. My grandmother even made stamps that said "free martha" or "when all the taxpayers are in jail, who will support the bureaucrats?". My family cracks me up. Love!

The Mrs-
Thanks girl! Love.

Ms Bees-
Martha says hi. She is on my floor right now, and knawing on her ankle bracelet. Oh shit! Here comes her probation officer.

Rob Danger said...

You are pretty, I'm okay with how creepy that makes me seem.

Ed Grow said...


I won't lie, I miss your gheypunk alter ego. But i *do* enjoy mean queens to no end. Love!