Friday, August 05, 2005

So, come up to the lab...see what's on the slab?

OMG. So much happening (none of it very exciting), but I am was too guilty to update because of me being a moron and repeatedly forgetting that I have film that the world needs to see. Here is some random musings:

Got my hair cut today, and listened to the old guy talk about “retards making violins”. He brought it up, because, being a good barber, when I told him I was a bio/music double major, he felt obligated to tell his one music story.

When people talk about music, it cracks me up. Basically because I think everyone’s taste is inferior because it isn’t mine.

Recent observations:
1)Haydn string quartets are more mundane than musak. I hates them.

2)Audioslave, although they will never be able to hold a candle to RATM, are all good musicians and made some pretty good material for their latest album.

3)Columbia NPR sucks a great deal of ass. KCOU (the pseudo-indie-college-emo station) however, is the only thing that keeps me from gouging out my eyes at work.

Craig and I have been talking about what we are going as for Halloween. He thinks that we should do batman and robin…for obvious reasons (I am kind of twinky and he is kind of Ken-doll). I have a much better idea though.

I think he should be Rocky, and I should be Dr. Frankenfurter. Unfortuntely, he does not like drag queens. [Edit: Alexis screaming "blasphemy!"]They don’t really hold a special place in my heart, but goddamn! Tim Curry has “nice stems”.

I see you shiver with antici…(say it!)…pation.

Later tonight, I am going to overcome my fears of swimming in quarries, as Craig and I will be skinny-dipping. The whole time I will be thinking, “This is the part of the movie when the gay guy gets killed.” Wish me luck.


Garet said...

Edward, how is it that you weren't this funny in high school?

amanda said...

ed was always funny. you were just too uptight to realize!

anyways, ed, if you guys go as frank and rocky, i demand that lane and kristin be transformed into brad and janet. i'll be magenta. we can bring jessica up to be columbia. wasn't the original plan for garet to be rocky? oh, how misguided we were in high school. has craig seen photos from the french movie? "does not like drag queens" my ASS.

of course, if you're going for queer power-couples, you could always go as david bowie and mick jagger caught in bed together. that'd be H-A-W-T hawt!

robyn said...

oh eddy. I am only so sad to think i will miss the glorious costumes (glorious as a moon!) I do however think manda has a point. i think i should as the woman tshirts and little boy undies to the equation

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I am crestfallen to learn that Craig doesn't like drag queens.

He must die. But as long as he makes you happy, he can live. But, I WILL have to notify Shawn Porier and The Witches of Salem that they have a project down the road.

Then you will be mine!

CollegeChic said...

It disheartens me to hear you say that you think Columbia NPR sucks ass, because even though I don't listen to it often cause my car radio is partially broken and the numbers don't show up so I don't know what station I am listening to, and thus can never find it, I will be working there three hours every week starting this semester for Broadcast I. I guess I will just have to go in there (in all pink, of course) and be like, listen up people, apparently you suck major ass, so I am here to change that, in my three hours a week. Yup, I think that will go over qite nicely... Then would you listen?
Oh, and enjoy the swimming. I hope you don't get killed, cause watching michael t weiss alone wouldn't be so much fun.

Ed Grow said...

Hmm. You and your vieled approval. I'm not quite sure how to take it. So I will take it lying down with "ankles to Jesus" (as Corey puts it). Love.

Yay! I agree, with you whole-heartedly. Garet could *never* pull of Rocky. Poor soul.(He doesn't even have any speaking parts in RHPS does he?)
I do look forward to you coming up to Columbia on Monday, hilarity will ensue, I assure you.
PS-Craig does not need to know about the French video. Let's keep that on the DL. Girl I wanna be yo' managah!

I miss you so much! I am currently working out the hassles of sending airmail, so expect a letter soon my pretty baby! Hope everything is going well on the island, and I assure you, I am having fun in the colonies. Love!

"The" Mrs-
I can see the headline now. Ken Doll killed by angry mob of drag queens with whore-clown make-up. Love!

I don't really mind the news of NPR, although they are a little biased...and pompous. I was just complaining about the choice of classical music on NPR. That really does suck ass. But, as you know, I full confidence in you to rectify the situation. (Wear pink!Yes!) Oh, and PS. Give me a fricking call once and a while! Uh. Or you could just update, jeez, you are turning into me! Love!

alan said...

casting my vote for rocky do realize the rents will die instantly if shown pictures from said event, like antiparticles annihilating each other in a vacuum.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

When the drag queens burn Craig in effigy during Tompkins Square Park's Wigstock later this month, remember: it's only "theater".

Ms Bees Knees said...

Can I be a drag queen? Or do I have to be a flamer in order to pull that off? I want to be one SO bad for H-ween. Why GOD wasn't I born a gay man!? WHY?

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Listen, aren't the three of us going to Shawn Porier's Witche's Ball? I thought Ed had our gowns ready; I've been maintaining my diet since I saw the picture of them. I know Ed would look particularly gorgeous in a gown like that; he loves the rustle of taffeta.

Craig said...

Just to set the record "straight," I don't hate drag queens. I hate their shows that cut into my ass shaking time. And Eddy, what makes you think I haven't already seen the French video, hmmm?? =)

Seestar said...

All I can say about the French movie is: DAMN! Even I can't put on lipstick that well without a mirror!!!