Saturday, August 27, 2005

Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond

Today I slept in then went shopping with Aaron for some home décor. More than once I made allusions to the fact that I was shopping for antiques with my life-partner. You, know. Old gays do that sort of thing. Aaron was not amused.

We spent ~90 bucks for 8 vintage magazine covers and advertisements and such for our living room. A very frugal and satisfying day I might say. Hopefully pics to follow.

Later this afternoon, I went to park on rock quarry to collect some specimens (oh! How smart do I sound?) for my Insect Diversity class. When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to become and entomologist. Although, I have different career aspirations now, I sure do like me a good bug hunt.

Caught about 9 species of Lepidoptera, 10+ of Orthoptera, 9+ Hymenoptera (I smooshed a bee just for you Ms Knees), and some Coleoptera, Hemiptera, and Diptera to round out the day. Ok, so I am a bug nerd. I know.

After I practice some, I am going to play poker with Laura, Anson, Aaron, and Craig—and then we might go to Shattered. I don’t know. I don’t know how much time we’ll have.


Ms Bees Knees said...

Old school, yes, I caught that reference you clever lady! So you're collecting up bugs are you mr. smartypanys!? Its sounds like a right good time. Oh and thanks for thinking of me... I think?

Rob Danger said...

A few weeks ago while at the Grocery Store I spotted this whole gay couple shopping together. They were completely cute because they had matching outfits and matching mustashes. And while one was kind of low-key the other was definitely as flamey as possible. I kind of stalked them through the store, that's how cute they are... were? Are.

craiger said...

Oh, we definitely went to Shattered! (wink)!

Mir said...

Yes boy, you still have my ring. And since I didn't give it to you as a symbol of my undying love (rather a symbol of "Oh my hell, I can't believe I'm dumpster diving ans don't want to lose my ring") I'd like to have it back.
I won't post my addy b/c you never know what crazy stalkers are looking for me (sad moment of feeding my own vanity) but you may call me. I know you have my number.
I alos want my chalk and my earplugs you dang dirty rat bastard. Trying to steal my finds. . . shame on you!

Ed Grow said...

Ms Bees-

Hymenoptera means "membrane winged". I am surprised you even know what a hymen were born an Italian hooker, and I would be surprised if you were *ever* virginal Ms. Bees. How ironic. Love (and "oh snap", head bent: "no he di-in'")!

I know of some creepy queens that dress alike. It would be like boinking yourself. I guess it is the ultimate form of flattery. Love.

"Why is your shirt off?"-K
"Because it's hot."-You
"That is fucking funny."-Me


I am holding your jewelry ransom for pictures of our papzon (sp?) sleddding experience. It is not like you are in need of your old could just sleep with another skeezy boss. Hmm! Love.

Ms Bees Knees said...

Oh I totally forgot to tell you! My 4-year-old baby brother called and he says he want his size-tiny *free martha* t-shirt back.


Larn said...

edward jon grow, i'm serious!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I'm sure you are collecting very nice, polite bugs, Ed, although I don't recognize those family names. I am however taking advantage of the electricy outage and my departure to declare Total War on the every bug in both the main house and the cottage. In addition, I have purchase a secret weapon named, Andro, and will commenced the scorched earth policy today. (I have transported all the nice bugs to safety.)

Is that strip poker you play?