Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rainy day, not much happening

Second day of school is over and I am already exhausted. I am picking out some awesome lit for this semester. Poulenc’s Chanson Gailliards are amazing.

Played croquet last night and then Craig and I went to a dress-up party at Nick-Nat-Kyle’s. My ensemble turned out to be sort of Agent Smith like. Very skinny black tie, white dress shirt, black skinny pants. It was fittingly emo.

Met some really cool people, and caught up with some old friends. Nothing will ever change: Nick, despite having *no* class, will always continue to amuse, and Natalie will continue to put up with his shit.

I am waiting on pictures to be sent to me, so you, yes you, shiver in antici…pation at the thought of actual photographs of me.

My mom also sent me a letter (my favorite thing in the world to get), and she is as crazy as ever. A close family friend just had twins, and so she sent me a letter updating:

“Whee! Babies doing great (basically term), Rachel VERY SORE (C-section—I remember after Rebecca—AACK! Not the preferred way to deliver)

It is my mother’s duty to evaluate the quality of medical care received by everyone in the world, and that is why we love her so. Le sigh.


"the" Mrs. Astor said...

You had BETTER send us a new photo. I am sick to death of holding that faded, frayed-at-the edges picture of you with green hair while tappping at the piano, alone and forlorn.

Ed Grow said...

"Play Leibestraum again."-Margo

"I deplore cheap sentiment."-Margo, (five minutes later)

As requested, here are some pictures you sassy thang, you. Love.

Larn said...

pi love yo' mamma too! she cracks me up...