Saturday, August 13, 2005


I don’t know if I have ever been up this early on a Saturday of my own accord ever before. I had my iced latte and I am fucking invincible!

What today holds:
Hardcore exercising
Semi-clothed iPod dancing
Ensemble shopping for tonight
Practicing/picking out new lit
Reading publications/The Western Lands
Donning galoshes and splashing around in puddles, all the while laughing manically
Falling (hard) off my caffeine high in 10 minutes


Craiger said...

I just had the BEST tasting coffee cuz it was brought to me by the MOST BEAUTIFUL boy in the world whom I love to show off and make my coworkers jealous!! Ps, when do I get a private underwear ipod dance? SCANDALOUS!!! =)

Ed Grow said...

Oh babe! Anytime, and when I say anytime, anywhere, I mean it. Unfortunately, when you say it you don't. Sad face (pouty pirate).

craiger said...

AAACK! I can't stand to see my babe with a sad face! I *DO* mean anytime, anyplace. Feel free to try me on that...