Sunday, September 18, 2005

You can dance for inspiration

Saturday night included getting very trashed on Bacardi 151, and going with blue-haired Craig to Shattered where they played Get Into the Groove, Rhythm Nation, and Wave of Mutilation. Could retro night get any gayer?

‘Mos were out in full force. OMG. They are taking over. There are no breeders left. This saddens me.

The rest of the weekend was a lethargic blur of 20+ mile bike rides, countless hours of practicing, notecard making, studying, and tamale rolling with lesbians from work, who, by the way, rock my frickin' face off.

More than once, I was reminded that I was the MAN-ual labor. Out of control.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me... I sent you pics. Which you posted. And wrote a hilarious blog about... however, I've kept my end of the deal, now where the hell is my ring, you banana slut faced whore?


Larn said...

i would like to return to simpler days... the real world sucks eddy, it SUCKS!

craiger said...

Hooray for Shatterday night! Fear not, there are plenty of breeders left. We passed all of them at Shiloh's remember? =)

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

"Banana slut faced whore"... It doesn't get much better than that, Ed.

And, really, is Bacardi 151 the way to go? One match, and away you go.

Ed Grow said...

It's in the mail pretty baby! Love. (dead-midget face)

Are you updating your blog? I would *love* to read about it.

I also seem to remember someone being almost *completely* naked in a park on the way home. Jeez, who could that be? (Wink, shuffles feet). I love you so much!

The Mrs-
Or maybe just standing by you would incinerate me you flaming queen. (Ooh, burn.) Haha! Ok, seriously I will stop before I burn any bridges...I do crack myself up. Love!