Monday, September 26, 2005

I had a really good day today. And I just thought all of you should know. Because Lord knows I do a lot of bitching…and I don’t mean to be so negative all the time.

The sun was all like “I think I will shine today” and I was listening to Café Tacuba while snake-walking from FAB and I saw an Indian woman and her baby sitting on a park bench. I suppose it is the little things that count.

Also I was reminded of this link from Flesh’s blog: wintertime sorority girl. Like the one in my Physics class, who the day before our first hour exam didn’t know what the gravitational constant was (and also totally oblivious as to why 300 people were laughing at her).

Tracy Flick-types make life worth living sometimes.


garnet said...

Gravitational constant... that's like, the force of your mother in law's nagging about something in a smokey, gravelly voice. until you do what she asks. Gravitationally contant weight.

Um, what's snake walking?

I've posted some comments from Ms bees knees on my blog. You're quoted. come have a looksee. (and submit some if you wish)

Rob Danger said...

I feel as though bitching on blog is really the only way to maintain kindness in your everyday life.
Despite what you might believe I'm actually a rather sunny individual in the real-world.

CollegeChic said...

Hey there,
Are we still on for tomorrow night? 9 o'clock? Do y'all like chili and deviled eggs? Cause I am going to bust out the crockpot and make some. If you are wholly opposed to either item, please let me know!

Ms Bees Knees said...

i'm with garnet, what the hell is snake-walking? is that some kind of breakin' move? or does it have something to do with your cock? do tell!