Monday, September 19, 2005

I am skinny and I don't care


Aaron said...

Well thats good because I don't think it's going to change anytime soon seeing as you never eat any real food. Just kidding. If you want to live on protein shakes, ice cream, cereal, frozen vegetables, cocacola, and wbs... more power to ya!

Ed Grow said...

I seem to remember a certain Aaron Hartman saying: "I drink it not for the taste, but for the protien." Also, I remember you then said, "I am extremely homosexual."

Hey. That's just what I remember.

Oh, and PS: what is real food? Beans, greasy meat, and McDonald's breakfast? That's what I thought.

craiger said...

You're skinny with muscles and I DO care, cuz you're freakin' amazingly hot. Make that HAWT!

Aaron said...

Your memory sucks. And don't knock McDonald's breakfast, that shit is good. It's probably the highlight of my week... well that and the OC.

Shamrocks2you said...

I concur with Craigpants. Super hot, Super fabulous.
*Sigh... I miss Saturday nights and dumpsters.... thought we have them here I'm afraid that I would find dead bodies in them. True story.

Rob Danger said...

I am skinny and I bust-ass to get that way. So you best care!!
Jokes. Are you one of those naturally thin people? Because I'm jealous.

Ed Grow said...

I wuv you. Shuffles feet.
Yes. The fags miss you too.

No, I am naturally skinny. As in, I probably have a tapeworm and can't gain weight even when trying. Le sigh.