Friday, September 02, 2005

Is it all full? I am playful.

This week has been pretty laid back. Not much news (Ed translation: I am still going to drag this out into an actual entry)

Here’s a run-down:

My roommate Aaron fought the law. And the law won. Clickity-clack here.

Went to the Blue Fugue (AKA Music Café) to see Chris, Rachel’s beau play in his band Los Desderados. Chris is from [edit: Memphis] (not Nashville), and plays the harmonica like no one’s business. Got to see Jesse and Rachel salsa dance along with a bellydancer and Old Blue, the 5 foot tall bearded ‘Nam vet that was a gopher in the war. Seriously, he is five feet tall. With a beard. Think Snow white and the seven dwarves.

Lots of positive energy, will go back again soon.

Listened to a lot of Bryn Terfel singing RVW. Now I wish I had a head like a grizzly bear.

Listened to a lot of the sublime Thomas Quasthoff singing Brahms. Thanked god I am not a thalidomide baby.

Excited to no end, but also very nervous to be cast as the big DG in our opera scenes.

That is all.


rachel said...

eddddd,,,,,, do i say this? chris is from memphis, ya know, graceland? but yeah, i had a great time just knowing that you and craig were there, seeing your smiling faces and craig's girly drinks and all......
your rachel

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

But you AHR a thalidomide baby, Blanche, you AHR.

craiger said...

Ok, so I drink a 'girly' drink every now and then. In my defense, i must remind everyone that I also drink WHISKEY straight (stop snickering), and often right outta the BOTTLE!

Ed Grow said...

Whoops! Love.

The Mrs-
"Everybody has a heart. Except some people."-Bette

I said nothing about your 'key-lime martini' hankering. Maybe you are paranoid? Hmm. Love!

craiger said...

You said nothing HERE, but you did at the bar. But, it was Rachel's comment above that solicited my defensive statement! Let it also be known (now that you've dragged it out) that the 'key lime martini' was the bartender's specialty and recommendation. Therefore, i should be exonerated from all girly drink guilt! =)

Ms Bees Knees said...

i'm sorry. that was so boring i'm going to pretend like i didn't read anything. now get over here and sit on my [whorish]assface.