Friday, September 23, 2005

This is a picture of Craig and me way earlier this summer at the Vu.

Speaking of clubs, I am never going to SoCo, no matter how many times I am harassed by Eric, you Mexican-cake-blog queen. Supposedly they are way uptight. They are a gay club (albeit in the middle of Missouri) and they won't even let you take off your shirt. How ron-dank-u-lous! Craig blames the rule on angry lesbians, but, as I have been reminded lately, gays have become the new straight. Dressing like frat boys, having commitment ceremonies, and making up retarded puritanical restrictions on other people's freedoms. That's right. As I recall from sleeping through AP US History in High School, the freedom to be topless is somewhere in the bill of rights.
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alan said...


Ms Bees Knees said...

First, I had NO IDEA you were dating a human ken doll. that's crazy! craiger brings the pretty.

Second: Oppressive gays are so fucking annoying. ::rolls eyes:: I just want to club them like baby seals when they sniff at me ... like they've never seen a working-girl showing a little snatch on the street! Whatev...

And third: I'd like to trade you and alexis for craiger. Ask him if he's interested.

Wait... who just got served? Oh YOU just got served.

amanda said...

That's adorable. Utah-ians (Utopians? no..) sure know how to grow 'em.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Firsst of all it IS in the Constitution that boys have a fundamental right to take off theirs shirts. I penciled it in there myself while Ben Franklin was at one of his nudist meetings.

Hey,Ms Bees' offer has some merit; we have to all think this out. Of course, after the trade you, Ed, comes to Miami not moi to St Louis or whatever God-forsaken town with ice-cold quarries you live in. Of course you will have to have a proper introduction to South Beach Society (which will take about ten minutes if the vodka flow isn't interupted). Yes, indeed Eve--I mean Ed--this could be one of Bees best ideas. I applaud her.

CollegeChic said...

Hey Chach,
I love the picture, you two look fanastic. so, about this thursday... I forgot that I have lab from 7 until 8:50 p.m., but if you and Craig are game for a late dinner and ER watching, I would still love to host you. Rick has offered to finish up the dinner while I am in lab so it will be ready when we get there. Let me know if that works. Sorry for commandeering your post for plan-making!

Ed Grow said...

I know. I know. Love.

Ms Bees-
I told you! And no, Craig is mine...although he does have the habit of making out with just about *any* straight girl in sight when he is drinking. (Although, I think you should keep your 'snatch' to yourself. The gaiyes don't much like that.)Love!

I know! He is so pretty. Sigh.

The Mrs-
You are a sassy girl! I have the premonition you just want me for yourself. We'll just see what "Derwood" says when he gets back. Love.

We need to get together. I will do anything in my power to see your new Jeff Co apartment. Love!

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Derwood is gone?

St. Louis is looking better and better, if I can get there ahead of Ms. Bee.

And by the way, Eve--I mean Ed-- I want you for your mind.