Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Busy couple of days:

Saturday: Eryn, Rick and I drove to St. Louis to go to Janet’s wedding. Janet is a 5”11’ goddess of a brunette vet that I live with 2 summers ago. The wedding was fabulous-- saw Kayla and have begun planning our 2 big parties for the summer: the "wine" party and the “come as your favorite gay stereotype” party.

The next morning Rick got sexually harassed by an extremely old woman at a Waffle House. He’ll have to tell you about that.

Sunday afternoon was spent driving to Rolla and helping the Worsey’s prepare for their 3 child graduation party. I made tiramisu! Then Howard and Tristan and I finished 2 fifths of rum before the guests arrived. My 3rd grade teacher and her 4 children showed up. That was neither awkward nor weird. Really.

The party was lovely—but Rick/Eryn/I drove back to CoMo at 11. Showed up at Nick's 21st B-day party. As expected, there were: Nick’s vomiting high school friends, crying Natalie, responsible and sober Laura Donnely, and a 2:30AM trip to all of the Taco Bells in Columbia.

Yesterday Craig and I went to the batting cages and I am sore. From the batting cages. Wink.

So to sum it all up: I was drunk for 3 days solid. My liver has jumped ship and got the last life boat. TTFN.


"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I like the way you "sum it all up".

CollegeChic said...

You're my favorite. Sorry to hear about your liver...

Ed Grow said...


Like, I know, right? Love.


No! You are *my* favorite. The liver will be fine, just need to sleep it off, lol. Love.