Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Probably Craig will leave some venomous (and well-justified) comment, but I had to post this picture of Hu-Jackman. Even though the WSJ dished it hard, I’m going to see X-Men, if not for the sole reason: Wolverrine’s chest hair. Grrrowwlll….


Garet said...

I totally have to see it too. But my reason has a bit more to do with the plot, besides, asymmetric body hair is just weird.

Jennifer C. Young said...

I have to see it too. But my reason is 50% Jackman and 50% X-Men rock. Good God that man is the hottest thing I've seen since I accidentally opened the kiln too early in ceramics class.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I bet that's what you want to be when you grow up, Ed. But, do get rid of the chorus girl.

Ed Grow said...


Who are you kidding? I know you loves it. Heard about your friend's impromtu trip to the fab rolla ER. Such company you keep! Gorgeous.


Like, I know, right? By the way, do I know you. Love.


Yes, eventually I will have to stop wearing the little boy batman undies, and keep my chest hair. It will be a sad day indeed. Love.

Jennifer C. Young said...

Nope. I've only heard about you.

craiger said...

Venomous comment du jour: I hate Mr. Jackman as much as you hate Bonds, Baseball, et al!! BTW, creeped out by the undies/shaving comment.. Ok, not really. Jennifer you may hear about my boy, but nothing else!