Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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I'm not sure exactly how this came about (probably some finals-induced wackiness), but this is the plaque that I applied to our apartment door earlier this week. Aaron was not amused.

Sarah: "I don't think that will help you with the ladies, Aaron."


craiger said...

Whatdya mean you're not sure how this came about? Aaron deemed your room the "room of sodomy" when giving a visitor the tour. Upon telling me of this occurance, we decided it would be funny to put such a plaque up. After speaking with the sexually ambiguous yet handy jeweler, such plaque came into existence. Thus, the history of the plaque.

Ed Grow said...


Jesse prefers to be addressed as "jeweler-of-questionable-sexual-orientation"...Jeez!PS- were you drinking last night? Love.