Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Now that I am back in Missouri, I busy again with the Baatan death march that is my life. (soundtrack=Music History CD, Stravinsky/Wagner/Debussy/Berg).

Performed in master class today that was very productive. I guess I run hot and cold with this music thing. Some days I never want to sing again, some days I can’t find enough time to practice. Isn’t that the hallmark of an artist? Flighty and Fickle. I guess it beats insanity. Or syphilis. Schumann, Wolf, Schubert…

Who's exicited for 9.5 hours of class starting this morning at 8AM? (music history, aural training, physics 2, biochem, vocal lit, 2 hour opera rehearsal, 2.5 hour physics lab)

[Nerd in back of class waves hand]


alan said...

dude sometimes i think we're the same person. take this entry for example. you start it off with some semi obscure cultural references, throw in this very quantitative paragraph to balance things out, then that leads you to this nerd self-rediscovery moment...i love it, it's just eerie man. :)

Ed Grow said...


When Rivers was asked about Weezer's musical style, he said it was developed after "mathematical modeling of Nirvana songs." Hmm. Love.