Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My spring break was absolutely wonderful.

Craig and I left for Salt Lake City (crawling with ‘mos—who knew?) on Wednesday. I got to meet his friends from the Utah (pronounced be me on the trip as ooo-tay-huh) period of his life. We went to Moab to see the Arches National Park, and did a lot of hiking. We even saw Delicate Arch (after a 3.5 mile hike) at sunset. Our pictures turned out great—they really are postcard material.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast, run by an older Belgian couple. Since I talked on the phone to the wife (we nicknamed her Tsa-Tsa) earlier that week, I knew we would be in for a treat. “Vood you like zum Vaffles?”

On Friday we rented ATVs and rode them for 4 hours on a huge outdoor complex with trails for mountain bikers, dirt bikers, and four-wheelers. It was super butch.

I also went to my first gay club Friday night. It was an interesting experience. Not quite as wanton as the homosexual debauchery in QAF, but still very fun.

I also got to visit BYU and saw where Craig went to school. It would almost be worth putting up with the dress code and repressive moral standards to be able to go to school in the middle of a beautiful mountain range. I want mountains. I hate you flat Missouri.

But I love you vacation with my bf!


craiger said...

Babe, I'm SO glad that your break was "wonderful," and I'm glad I was a part of it. You're the best!

Ed Grow said...


No, you're the best. It strikes me as a little ridiculous that we post comments on each others blogs. I mean, we could just say it to each other...but what fun would that be right? Love.

craiger said...

Yes, ridiculousocity is the funnest!