Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My recent experiences with the moon:

1)Bethany sang Rusalka’s song to the moon in her recital last night.

2) Listened to Wozzeck in class: Aber der Mond verrät mich…der Mon dist blutig. (See how the moon betreays me…the moon is bloody)

3)As I sat reading “The man with the blue Guitar” tonight (It is the sun that shares our works/The moon shares nothing. It is a sea), I looked out my window to see the mooning rising (as in Walt Whitmann: Lo the moon ascending, out from the east—the silvery round moon.)

4) Seeing the moon out of my window tonight reminds me of my obsession with the children's book Harold and the Purple crayon. It was one of the first things Craig and I read together when we first started dating—a year ago today.

What does all this mean?


Jeff said...

Ed, I think I've been banned from your brother's blog. I think my presence has intimidated him. What should I do?!

robyn said...

eddy i love you but thqt post makes my brain hurt.

Ed Grow said...


Just because you can't have my brother to blog-stalk, means that you are settling for the next best thing: his bro. Join the club. Love!


Sorry, sometimes I forget that not everyone gets my obscure, thinly vieled literary allusions. Love.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I think a memory of the cow jumping over the moon could be squeezed in too. It could be singing "Shadows on the Moon" to compliment the other images.