Friday, February 25, 2005

virtual insanity is what we're livin' in (but it's alright)

A tradition of mine is to make a list of to-dos for the weekend on Friday afternoons. Most of the time, I don’t accomplish all the things on the list…but I would get half as much done if I didn’t write it down on a little index card and tape it to my computer screen. The only problem is it makes me feel so inferior…and then I curl into the fetal position when the protestant guilt kicks in. Here is a sample of what I gots going on this weekend:

1) school work:
a) Organic reading (4 hours)
b) Cell bio outline+ quiz+ recitation problems (4 hours)
c) Do keyboard assignment for ear training/MacGamut (1 hour)
d) Finish chem lab write up/do pre lab/take chem Quiz. (2 hours)
e) Figure out how to form diagram a piano sonata for theory (1 hour)
f) Study for German diction vowel quiz on Tuesday (1hour)
g) Practice 4X1 hour for my literature
h) Learn and memorize 4 Poulenc Lenten motets (3 hours)

2) non-school work
a) Turn in my fucking library books so that I am not fined $1,750
b) Send letters to my little sisters/ write thank-you notes to my grandparents
c) Get an extension for my distance learning courses
d) Clean my room…really…it’s a health hazard
e) Figure out where I am going to live next year
f) Finish lab website (also figure out how to hack into the bio server-- so I can post it)
g) Work out/go running/bike riding
f) Do laundry (Rainman: definitely, definitely not wearing underwear)
i) File FAFSA?
j) decide if I want to go back to student death...i mean student health

3) Things I actually want to do:
a) See Katherine/Joe tonight, also go to Karen’s and see Steph
b) Go to Shattered on 80’s night on Sat w/ Eryn and Robyn
c) See Rachel when she gets back from NY


Larn said...

*tear* i'm a little sad that seeing/talking to me wasn't one of the "things you actually want to do..." =) miss you!

amanda said...

you also need to figure out where's i'm gonna to live next year, teammate.

candice is a nice shit on.