Wednesday, February 23, 2005

the real me

So in between 5 hours of class, an advising appointment, a sight singing test, and a doctor’s appointment (tuberculosis?), I saw a snippet of Telemundo today. Sadly it wasn’t a Spanish soap opera (those are splendiferous), but a court room show. Think of a power dressed Judge Judy…only Mexican not Jewish, and talking about 3 times faster. Pretty Amusing.

And that got me to thinking (as I often do), about how ridiculous Telemundo is —but maybe to some lonely Hispanic in middle America, it is what keeps them going every day. They yearn for the characteristic fast talking clowns and mariachi bands that parade endlessly through game shows, talk shows, and dramas. In my own mind I just negated an entire ethnic group based on a TV network.

Normally, I have absolutely no problem judging someone or something…I think everyone that knows me can pick that up. But what if everyone was as closed minded and spiteful as me? What if there are technologically advanced aliens hovering above earth…and the only thing that keeps them from blowing us up is the spectacle and ridiculousness of what us humans find important. I think there was a South Park episode once along those lines…Anyway, I think the point of all this rambling is something much deeper. I am a judgmental bastard. And I am never going to change. Ever.


Larn said...

wow, tuberculosis, that's pretty impressive... also, you are a judgemental bastard-sometimes... but not all the time (but shhhhh, it can be our little secret if you want =) hehehe...)

Anonymous said...

The episode you are thinking of included a taco that pooped ice cream if im not mistaken.