Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's the day of the show yall

This weekend I went on the U-singers tour of St. Louis, and it was totally fun. I was expecting the worst, but I got along really well with everyone. We even had some free time…which was really nice.

We sang in some schools and churches including the Basilica (during Saturday night mass) and Aaron and JP came and saw us. I was pretty bummed out about how much time choir takes up lately (like 6+ hours a week…that I don’t have), but now I am really excited about the rest of the year. I know, I know. Such a nerd.

I got to hang out with all the music kids that I don’t see very much…there was lots of alcohol involved. I will probably still be drunk for days to come. Rachel and I shared 2 carafes of wine and a 12 pack over the course of 2 nights. I remember taking off my shirt and attaching the no-hanger (WTF?) stickers to my nipples and tackling Tessa when she tried to open our door at like 1AM. I found out Craig is a top (most of the time). And if Patrick says, “Mommy needs a drink” one more time, I swear to god….Also, we spent the weekend quoting Napoleon Dynamite…which got old. I must have said, “Tina, you fat lard, come get some ham” at least one hundred times.

I put some pamphlets in Dr. Crabbs music as a practical joke that we picked up last year—they included:
1) How to give yourself a self breast exam
2) Hip replacement
3) and Cancer of the colon and rectum
He was as amused as a anal-retentive puritan (I love him to death) can get.
Good times.

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