Saturday, February 05, 2005

It's official: I now give the world permission to fuck itself

Ok, here is another list.

Things that the world has done recently to disappoint me:

1) Allow advertising to still exist. Isn’t that supposed to be some hold-over from the cold war? Why do people still listen when commercials tell us that the only way to make ourselves stand out is to consume a beer with a red label instead of a blue one? Or have A&F instead of A&E on our identical horizontally-striped shirts? You are not a unique and individual snowflake. Why don’t people just accept the fact that they are pretty much the same boring, mundane, worthless, consuming, shit-factories?

2)Let people like Paris Hilton or Ashley Simpson exist. Or even worse, wield any semblance of power.

3) Put, and I quote, “Preview XXXIX Mind Game: The Thinking Man’s Superbowl” on the cover of a nationally distributed magazine.

4) Not be anything but completely ashamed and embarrassed of The United Socialist States of America.

Ok, I think I am done. (The sound of me getting off my soapbox)

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