Sunday, July 09, 2006

le choix (n'est pas heureux)

Carmen is over! It was absolutely breathtaking. Pictures to follow. Thanks to everyone who came--singers are fragile.

Robyn’s 21st B-day party was preposterous. Imbibed way too much, and spent most of this afternoon rehydrating and watching the Cup finals. Zidane?! Wtf.


amanda said...

i've never heard a sportscaster use the phrase "vicious headbutt!" so many times in one sitting.

craiger said...

Hmmm... vicious, head, and butt... what's not to love? =)

alan said...

here's what:

Ed Grow said...


Revenge seamen? I thought so...Love.


Behave. I totally would have said the same thing. Love.


Supposedly that rumor has been dispelled. However, I hope we finally find out what went on or else we might have another "You outta know" Alanis situation on our hands. Love.

amanda said...

a "you oughta know" situation? you're suggesting that zidane head butted a guy for talking smack about dave coulier?