Monday, July 10, 2006

Carreau! Pique!

Rainy days are perfect for ruminations. Stewing. Milling. Contemplation.

Here’s what I thought about today:

To hearken back to last night Mark and Craig: I do believe Pears and Britten were both versatile, but definitely Francis was the top, and Bernac the bottom. I just can’t imagine Poulenc on his back getting jack-hammered by a lyric baritone. Why do I care?

Strong women intimidate me. And turn me on. How naughty.

Epigenetic regulation of polyploids is more interesting than my current QTL mapping project of Spb1. However, our Chromosome 7 QTL is very close to zmet1 (a methyltransferase), histone 1a, but also intensifier 1. I hope to the Divine Miss M that Spb1 is actually an epigenetic modifier of Pl-Bh. If it’s not I will throw a tantrum.

Bombay Sapphire is the best gin ever made. I would so pour it on my Cheerios in the morning. Don’t tempt me.

Brent Corrigan can wurk it.


"the" Mrs. Astor said...

The rage here is "belly shots" where one take off their shirt, gets on their back atop a table or bar, and a shot of liquor is poured into their belly button and consumed. Perhaps you can try it with Bombay. (Let Craiger be first, though; we wouldn't want scandal.)

robyn said...

the saphire is amazing

craiger said...

Ah The Mrs... You have learned to fear my jealous rage! Perfect! Thanks for lookin' out for me! =)

Ed Grow said...


I always thought tequila was the drink of choice for body shots. Although, I don't think that there is anything wrong with tasting like a pine tree. So pour the Bombay on my tummy and slurp away you big gurl! Loves.


Like, I know, right? Gin and tonics make me feel like I'm mature. But someone who calculates the combinations of "ball" "sweat" and "jizz" cannot possibly be mature. Mistaken again. Loves.


"jealous rage"? I guess it just goes with your whole "I play basketball, and act like a straight boy" shtick. I *do* enjoy it though. Sighs. Loves.

craiger said...

Remember I told Rachel that I probably had it in me to act out the end of Carmen in real life! And yeah, you know you love it! PS, I've decided that Brent Corrigan looks remarkably like a young Rob Thomas. Hmmm....

Ed Grow said...


Extremely angry. I will pee on the back of RT's head. Take that. ('cause I can bitch, bitch, better than you!). Loves.